REMO CIUCCIOMEI was born in Castelfidardo, Marche region, Italy.
He studied as agricultural engineer and obtained a degree in philosophy.

Once a farmer and artisan, Ciucciomei has gained a comprehensive experience in cross-cultural management by managing for twenty years an international certification body specialized in guarantee of Mediterranean agro-food quality productions. He designed and developed a variety of projects in the Mediterranean area.

He is writing and painting and its works are closely related to work and management issues in the Mediterranean area, focusing on the relationship between imagination and specialization,planning and chance.

He lives in Beirut.


Veronica Pecorella  grew up in the family’s old Osteria in Cormons, a village located in a wine region in Northern Italy on border with Slovenia. She studied in Germany and graduated in languages and literature. She was co –manager of the family restaurant, scouting the wines, cooking and organizing food and wine tastings with local wine producers  for German and Austrian guests.

She worked for 10 years in the Mediterranean region as marketing and communication manager,  seminars and event organizer for an international certification body specialized in agro -food and developed the communication for a certification projects addressed to restaurants that valorize quality productions.

She lives in Beirut. Preparing, sharing food, wine and its stories are her passions.


Why Contemporary and Mediterranean

Mediterranean is the place where we have spent our last twenty years of professional activities, developing projects and ideas to enhance the relationship between enterprise, consumers and stakeholders all along the food chain.

remomero is our last onset combining the professional and life vested experience in Mediterranean region with our passion for contemporary art.

Mediterranean is one of the most intertwined and fascinating multi-universe of the entire history of humanity.

We have been learning traveling through its diversified geographies, discovering its languages, food, way of thinking, styles, enterprises’ projects and human histories. 

Our travel around the Mediterranean continues and remomero would like to be a feeler over innovative  projects and ideas in the Mediterranean region.



Why remomero

The word "remomero" recalls the meanings that interweaves with the names of Remo and Veronica - founders of the remomero project - and with their passion for art, wines, food and the Mediterranean.

“Mero” is the anagram of Remo, an adjective in the Italian vocabulary meaning “vero e proprio, puro e semplice” (true and proper, pure and mere), synonym of the word formed by the first four letters of Veronica: “vero” that in Italian means “true”.

A second word is hidden among the letters of the word remomero itself: “Omero” that in Italian language is the name of the greatest Mediterranean narrator (Homer in English).