Contemporary. Mediterranean.

We work for the growing-up of the entrepreneurial culture in the Mediterranean region and to enhance personal fulfillment inside organizations.

Experience. Our consultancy services are based on more than twenty years of work experience in Italy and all Mediterranean region promoting quality projects and supporting the creation of Euro-Mediterranean partnerships,  organizing public events, branding projects and creating opportunities  for enterprises, cultivating the space of dialogue between enterprise, consumers and stakeholders.  

Targets. remomero consultancy services are mainly targeted to companies and projects in food & wine sector, & tourism sector, contemporary art & culture, jewelry and cosmetics brands.  

Approach. We give support to the ownership and to the management of company to enhance real and interactive relationship with the human resources, users, consumers & stakeholders, realizing a profitable interaction with the values of the organization. We believe that the results in any project comes from the coherence between the technical aspects and the vision anchored to the deep values shared by the individuals involved in the project itself.

Context. We have deep experience in cross cultural-management. Our consultancy services  are specifically referring to the enterprises that are requested to work in cross cultural work environment and to stay tuned with the dynamics of consumption trends and cross cultural markets.   




Our main services

Market assistance. Representation service, market analysis, feasibility study, marketing & communication strategies for companies that are operating between Italy and  Middle-East.

Organization assistance. Diagnosis of the organizations, development organization plan, training & motivation programs for human resources  

Quality system assistance. Processes and quality indicators mapping, organization quality system design and implementation  

Project development assistance. Management assistance to plan, implement and develop projects that request participation and involvement of the human resources in a cross-cultural context.

Branding assistance. Support the management of the coherence between the different elements of the enterprise, guaranteeing that growth and evolution of the company  stay tuned with the consumers expectations and needs. 

Food chain project implementation assistance. Plan, implement and promote  sustainable chain projects that enhance the relationship between agriculture, agro-food and sectors, consumers and stakeholders.

Restaurants development assistance. Organizational structure diagnosis and processes mapping design for restaurants and sector. Set up menu,  training and master classes focused on Italian food products and brands.  


Developed projects. Phothogallery 

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