Contemporary. Mediterranean.

Remomero offers consultancy services for the valorization of the agro-food and horeca enterprises, high artisanal brands and emerging artists from Euro-Mediterranean countries. 

Remomero's approach is to cooperate with selected projects based on quality and innovation whose ownership is strongly oriented for the real and interactive relationship with the consumers, users, person and stakeholders.  

Remomero consulting services are based on the high professionality gained by Remo Ciucciomei and Veronica Pecorella after more than twenty years of experience developing quality projects in all Mediterranean region.

Remo Ciucciomei and Veronica Pecorella are also members of the Scientific Commitee of the Inter - university Consortium for training and research Rifosal, established by three Italian Universities (University of La Tuscia of Viterbo, the University of Florence and the University of Siena).


Our main services

Project development assistance for innovative and sustainable chain projects in agro-food and horeca sectors

Quality management system design and implementation assistance for agro-food, and service sectors  

Quality standard design and implementation assistance for agro-food, horeca and service sectors

Personal branding for artist and artisanal brand concept development assistance: Market studies. Mission and strategy. Quality policies. Procedures implementation. Personnel development and training. Menu set up. 


Our Projects