remomero. Italian authors gallery in Beirut.
The contemporary art meets the Mediterranean.


Beirut. Remomero – Italian authors gallery in Beirut – is the title of the cultural and art project dedicated to the gathering between the Italian contemporary art and Lebanon. It’s an agora of the contemporary Mediterranean art which takes its cue from the Italian culture and art while inspired by the diversity of the movements characterizing the Lebanese cultural scene, and portends to move on the rhythm of the lessons learnt from the journey, and from the dialogue between the different expressions of art aiming to achieve a productive gathering.
The annual program that the Gallery is pointing toward offering to Italian artists, as a first step, and subsequently to artists coming from Lebanon, from the near and Middle East, will take place in the framework of the collaboration with some Italian galleries among which L'Ariete artecontemporanea of Bologna.

During the inauguration of the Gallery, the first meeting will be saved to the path of individual art research of one of the founding Fathers of the project, Remo Ciucciomei, who in this occasion will present “The invisible Calligramme – Close encounters of the third kind between painting, philosophy and management”. A short and dense leaflet whose title sounds like a “manifesto” closely connected, almost like words and pictures mentioned in the book itself, to the twenty-one acrylic paintings. These latter, by the same artist, were exhibited in Beirut in 2014 under the title “Ceci n’est pas peinture”. Some of these paintings will be exhibited at the inauguration of this year’s gallery.

Painting and writing as facts, bound one to another as in calligrammes, but deeply connected to the most invisible strings of what we call author, whose evidences of quality are presented to us through the path offered by Remo Ciucciomei and called “Words, acrylic paintings and transmutations”. These evidences that could be hidden behind a grandfather and an uncle who was a painter or also behind the labor, and the invisible aspiration to quality of an entire community that the exhibition proposes through some material perspectives, which together with the drawings and words, could be lived or heard, or even tasted: such as the accordion made by the company Settimio Soprani of Castelfidardo (place of birth of the author), or the sparkling wine of Franciacorta Barone Pizzini, in addition to some high-quality artisanal Italian wines like Colline San Biagio of Carmignano, Tuscany and beer like Birra 32 Veneto region, selected and imported directly in Lebanon by the gallery for this occasion.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on December 3rd from 6.00 till 9.00 pm and will be open to the public from Thursday, December 4, 2015 till Saturday, January 9, 2016. The gallery opens daily from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am till 7 pm.



Remo Ciucciomei

Remo Ciucciomei was born in Castelfidardo, Marche region, Italy. He studied as agricultural engineer and obtained a degree in philosophy. 
Once a farmer and artisan, Ciucciomei has gained a comprehensive experience in cross-cultural management by managing for twenty years an international certification body specialized in guarantee of Mediterranean agro-food quality productions. He designed and developed a variety of projects in the Mediterranean area.  

He is writing and painting and its works are closely related to work and management  issues in the Mediterranean area, focusing on the relationship between imagination and specialization, planning and chance. He lives between Beirut and Rome.

Veronica Pecorella

Veronica Pecorella  grew up in the family’s old Osteria in Cormons, a village located in a wine region in Northern Italy on border with Slovenia.  She studied in Germany and graduated in languages and literature. She was co –manager of the family restaurant, scouting the wines, cooking and organizing food and wine tastings with local wine producers  for German and Austrian guests.
She worked for 10 years in the Mediterranean region as marketing and communication manager,  seminars and event organizer for an international certification body specialized in agro -food and developed the communication for a certification projects addressed to restaurants that valorize quality productions.
She lives between Beirut and Rome. Preparing, sharing food, wine and its stories are her passions.