I admire pencils. I write (to Nancy Rubins)

I admire pencils. I write (to Nancy Rubins)


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Ammiro le matite. Io scrivo (a Nancy Rubins)

Photograph printed on museal paper
Price: $480 (not framed); $560 (framed)
Dimension: 40X60

Raffaele Marone is an Italian architect, PhD. His research focuses on contemporary space and is represented through different means of artistic and architectural expression, in addition to the many theoretical texts that he has published.

The relationship between architecture and visual arts has always been the main issue of his work.Photography, in particular, has been one of the fundamental instruments of reflection accompanying the development of his expressive language.

Living in Naples, the “porous city” (W. Benjamin) that absorbs and melts cultures, where the strata of various ages and cultures are visible in the same artifact, has had a profound influence on his research and work.

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