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Acrylic on canvas panel
Price: $600 (not framed)
Dimension: 18X24

Etko Tutta (1961) was born in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. He has lived in an artistic environment since his early age, as he was born in a family of painters. In 1985,

he graduated in painting at the Faculty of Education, at the University of

Ljubljana, in the class of professor Miloš Požar. In the recent years, he has

ventured in the fields of sculpture, computer art, artistic installations, graphic

design and spatial design. He has exhibited in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Spain,

France, Croatia, Hungary, Japan, China, UAE, USA, Germany, Mexico, Australia and Slovakia. He is among the founders and director of MMM ART project, an international meeting of artists, held annually in Medana, Slovenia, and of the Art Circle Project.

Etko Tutta uses the language of signs to expresses himself in relation to the living, working and creative environment. The essence of life deliberations is reduced to a symbolic level. The simple, occasionally geometrically accentuated forms hide the pulse of author’s everyday life. The role of symbolic signs is becoming an increasingly decisive factor on the painting surface, as the painter – by clearing the setting – offers them an increasingly airy space for their presentation.

Construction of the painting’s stage is dynamic and open. The portrayed characters are playful and often resemble children’s world, even though they have been captured with almost filigree precision. Some of them remain identifiable and maintain a connection with reality despite their stylization, while others are limited only to their symbolic essence. The entirety, however, always

brings forward the painter’s vision and experience of the current moment,

his boisterous, even roguish, yet still delicate and gentle message. Joy is reflected also in the chosen colour spectrum, representing Etko Tutta as a painter of the littoral tradition and the feelings of the Brda idyll. Nevertheless, the palette is strongly influenced by author’s sensibility, as colour and light values change with different moods and challenges in new creative spaces.

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