Vision through wine 4

Vision through wine 4


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Vision through wine 4

Author: Wissam Shaabi
Ink and watercolor on paper 21X29


Wissam Shaabi was born in Damascus City in 1986 in Syria. He currently lives and works in Beirut. 

"For the past years in Beirut I was experiencing life in this tense city, during that time and I was always doing my artistic experiment beside my contributions and exhibitions in Beirut, as a Syrian the war has affected my work but doing art was always ِan outlet and a way to express anger and hope." (Wissam Shaabi)

He is a multi-medium artist: painter, installation artist. He Draw the Harmony of chaotic colorful dreams that is a completely opposite reflection of reality expressing , and let the colors and lines and shapes flow in harmony on canvases, he uses the impact vision and the mystery to trigger viewer’s attention and curiosity, 

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