Study For tree nudes

Study For tree nudes


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Study for three nudes (Pontormo)

Author: Lemeh42
Charcoal on canvas 100X70

Lemeh42, born in 1978, from a small country town in Italy moved to Bologna in 1997 where he enrolled in the Faculty of Foreign Languages nd Literatures. In 2000 he spent several months in London where he approached photography. In 2003, after graduating with a photographic work on the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, he won the award for best portfolio in SavignanoImmagine that allowed him to take part to the Toscana Photographic Workshop with Michael Ackerman. In 2006, he was invited to Paris by Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes at Nuit Européenne pour la Jeune Creation. In that same year, Marisa Vescovo invited him at Serrone Biennale in Monza, Italy. In 2009 he won the Premio Iceberg in Bologna and from that same year L’Ariete artecontemporanea started representing him in Italy. From 2009 on, Lemeh42’s works have been exhibited, awarded and collected worldwide making him one of the most promising young italian artists.

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