The Invisible Calligram

The Invisible Calligram


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Close Encounters of the Third Kind Between Painting, Philosophy, and Management in Beirut

Pag. 98
An imaginary conversation between the author, René Magritte, and Michel Foucault takes place in a Beirut taxi while the author is about to leave the city in which he lived for three years. The conversation is a turning point within the narrator’s life, an alchemic initiation that leads to a life change from manager to artist.  Beirut’s atmosphere, the relationship to an experience about to end, and an immersion into painting are the backdrop of a surreal story, both intense and brief.

Remo Ciucciomei was born in Castelfidardo, Marche region, Italy. He studied as agricultural engineer and obtained a degree in philosophy. 
Once a farmer and artisan, Ciucciomei has gained a comprehensive experience in cross-cultural management by managing for twenty years an international certification body specialized in guarantee of Mediterranean agro-food quality productions. He designed and developed a variety of projects in the Mediterranean area.  
He is writing and painting and its works are closely related to work and management  issues in the Mediterranean area, focusing on the relationship between imagination and specialization, planning and chance. He lives between Beirut and Rome.

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