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Author: Luciano De Gironcoli
Acrylic, ink, pastels and collage on recycled paper 38X27


Born in Gorizia (Italy) in 1947, Luciano de Gironcoli attends the Gorizia Art School specialising in pictorial decoration. Since 1972 he lives in the nearby town of  Cormons. 

He exhibits for the first time in 1962 when taking part in the San Floriano award (Gorizia, Italy).

Since then his work has been displayed in hundreds of solo and collective art exhibitions at private galleries and public museums and the artist has been taking part in local, national and international art events.

Since 1995 the focus of his work has been the human figure, particularly its internal aspects: violence, unscrupulousness, militarism, nationalism but also poetry and its positive or negative role in society. In this creative process he revisited the masterpieces of numerous great artists such as Beato Angelico, Goya, Picasso, Osvaldo Licini, Mimmo Paladino and others.


He is currently working on a large series entitled “Characters and interpreters” representing heads as sort of storage for good and bad thoughts, as offence and defence weapon, as shelter where the good and unfortunately the bad are stored. The heads emerging from a low horizon line take almost the entire space in the painting and are inspired by the military architecture in Vienna. They become a sort of vertical anti-raid shelter, a kind of concrete monsters meant to save lives.

The  "Untitled" in the picture is one of the selected artworks displayed for the first time in Lebanon under the title "Rockets man". 

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