Contemporary. Mediterranean.

Contemporary. Mediterranean.


Watch. Taste. Listen.

The streets we walk down are the images of our making, the intricate presence of our tastes, the daily praying of our thinking.

We are the symphony in and out of the pentagram , the history that each Homer would like to sing. We believe in your soul, oh consumer!

We dream to seduce you  and to be seduced by your dreams.

After 5.000 years we are still crossing the wavelets of this blue sea happy but determined to go ahead in our contemporary Mediterranean promenade.

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Life is your chance to make art from everything. Each moment, waking or sleeping, time hands you a pallet–you choose the colors, brushes, forms.  

As you make art of your life, remomero expands your pallet, bringing the exclusive, the rare, the elements that combine to create the greatest moments of your life–when the sun is setting, surrounded by good friends, great conversation, and the best food, drink and art.

In the interest of creating these perfect moments, remomero would like to bring you the new selection of the finest, the rarest, the best–introducing seasonal truffle varieties from Acqualagna, Marche region (Italy), worldwide renowned area for its top quality truffles.

Since man has had a tongue to taste, truffles have been treasured as flavors for the most discerning of palates. remomero has searched for–and found–the best of the best. We bring you the finest truffles from Italy. Watch the eyes of your guests alight as their plate is blessed with the finest shavings of truffle. 

We bring you the pallet to paint your life.


An oxymoron, the Mediterranean is a seamless crossword puzzle, a multiverse of flavors. The promenade, as we have learned, is how one could experience it: walking leisurely, with friends, free to look through windowpanes or the sky.

Remomero is a tale through this walk, along with passionate artisans, artists, cooks, philosophers, winemakers brought together by a product or an idea, vehicles of our friendships. 

La casa di Remomero is open every day by appointment.