Contemporary. Mediterranean.

Gusta Mediterraneo.


Walk. Taste. Listen.

The streets we walk down are the images of our making, the intricate presence of our tastes, the daily praying of our thinking.

We are the symphony in and out of the pentagram , the history that each Homer would like to sing. We believe in your soul, oh consumer!

We dream to seduce you and to be seduced by your dreams.

After five thousands years we are still crossing the wavelets of this blue sea going ahead in our contemporary Mediterranean promenade.


We bring you the pallet to paint your life.


An oxymoron, the Mediterranean is a seamless crossword puzzle, a multiverse of ideas, colors and flavors. 

Remomero is a tale through this multiverse, along with passionate entrepreneurs, artisans, artists, cooks, philosophers, winemakers and friends. 

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